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  HYBRID                     STREET                 LIGHT


Hybrid street light sun + wind + battery

Hybrid streetlight powered by sun wind and batteries. The DS300 turbine is a 300W power vertical wind micro generator mounted on the hybrid lamp to compensate for the lack of photovoltaic power in months with less solar hours or overnight. The mix of renewable sources on a LED lamp combined with battery storage ensures considerable lighting autonomy.

The Illumience on board software completes the solution and makes it a technological innovation because thanks to the use of remote control and integration IoT sensors the intelligent streetlight became the core of Smart City’s development. Just imagine areas of cities that send and exchange informations about traffic, air quality, availability of car parks or charging points …. and much more.





The reason why hybrid streetlight does not need the grid?

In many sites where the power grid is unavailable, or hardly usable, it is a forced choice, but from now on there are many options for installing autonomous streetlights. No cable excavations, total power independence from the power grid, which results in zero monthly costs, better roadside positioning as it is independent of underground cables. Thanks to the Illumience software you can monitor everything on the hybrid lamp and for each light spot, thus making the only spare part becomes the battery (5-7 years of average life) and the total cost is reduced.

The Sun

The Wind

The Batteries

The Led Light

The Control Software

The Monitoring Software

IoT Options

From 1 to 4 pv modules charge the batteries during the day

A 300W wind turbine charges the batteries during the night

With 24V give autonomy in absence of sun & wind

From 20 to 150W of power

For every single pole: current, power and voltage

Predictive, proactive, with remote control

Video cameras, pedestrian counter, air quality analisys, etc…



Smart Controller

The desire to bring photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, batteries, LED lamps and other sensors into a streetlight led us to the development of a controller capable of handling all the individual equipment. We can then parameterize the wind generation curve, LED dimming, LED switching, battery charge / discharge, sensor monitoring … and all this from a remote computer.

  • 1: 2 Iputs for pv modules maximum 280W and 20A each input, able to manage up to 4 pv modules in total.

  • 2: input for wind turbine with three-phase generator with 500W maximum power.

  • 3: 2 Inputs for maximum power led 480W power led lamps, you can choose dual-arm pole configurations.

  • 4: Battery Input with Temperature Sensor, the battery pack is configurable at both 12 and 24V but the second choice is preferable.

  • 5: logic on-board communication, data is automatically sent to the cloud Illumience with mesh option for point point, 3G cellular or WiFi.

  • 6: dimmer for adjusting the luminous flux and motion sensors to have active lighting only when really needed.

  • 7: Possibility of connecting an additional IoT module that allows you to manage video surveillance, air analysis, wind monitoring or solar irradiation and more.



  • 1: 300W Wind turbine

  • 2: 280W pv module

  • 3: 30W Led light

  • 4: Box for electronics & lead acid GEL batteries

  • 5: Led tube inside the pole


  • 1: 300W Wind turbine

  • 2: 280W pv module

  • 3: 60W Led light

  • 4: Panel on which to place the advertising slogan

  • 5: Box for electronics and Lead acid GEL batteries


  • 1: 300W Wind turbine

  • 2: Spotlight led to light up the turbine

  • 3: Pannello fotovoltaico da 250W

  • 6: 60 W Led light

  • 8: Box for the smart controller

  • 12: Box for Lead acid GEL batteries by pole side


  • 1: 300W Wind turbine

  • 2: Spotlight led to light up the turbine

  • 3: 280W pv module

  • 6: 60W Led light

  • 8: Box underground for Lead acid GEL batteries

  • 11: Box for smart controller on the pole


High power streetligh

The LED lamps installed on these streetlights required the use of two pv modules in addition to the turbine in order to guarantee a more than 3 days of sunlight and wind.

Urban hybrid streetligh

Urban hybrid streetlights installed along a river, one of the first models with double illuminating body positioned inside the lamp post’s body.

Urban hybrid streetlight

Urban hybrid streetlights installed at the sides of a road that runs along a park, the model with colored lighting inside the pole creates a very special stage effect.