E-bike smart station of the new generation

We are facing increasing global environmental challenges that require renewable energy solutions and environmentally friendly practices to be introduced into our daily lives. Cycling is a “greener” and healthier alternative to driving or using public transport. Furthermore, areas with well-developed cycle infrastructures are known to offer more comfortable living and working conditions.
The Monna e-bike station is a simple starting point for the world of intelligent cycling equipment. A product with a relatively simple appearance, but with a wide potential for use, a solar-powered charging point is equipped with multiple functions: bicycle racks and electrical sockets for charging electric bicycles, bike repair tools, charging pads wireless and charging ports for cable phones, night lighting, data collection etc.
The intelligent product features integrated sensors for data collection and analysis, which collect information on, for example, the number of bicycles loaded, the operability of various components and the weather conditions. A further advantage is that the settings can be easily modified on the dashboard of the Monna cycling point according to the particular needs of the owner.

2,48m WIDTH

2,20m HEIGHT



E-bike Smart Station Monna detailed specifications

Pv module

Battery storage



Grid connection


Radio equipment directive

EMC directive

Materials used


1 monocrystalline 110-270W

1 AGM type da 72Ah and Lithium Ion 24V 100Ah

4G LTE, ethernet and optic fiber option

IoT for ambient and devices monitoring

220V AC with max power 500W

Led for USB ports and bench

RED 2014/53/EU

2014/30/EU, LVD 2014/35/EU

Galvanized steel painted, pleaxiglass, wood

24 months


The dashboard provides the following information: map of the installed benches, number of devices charged, number of wifi users and related internet consumption, remote control of internet access, control of ambient light and charging lights, weather information.


E-bike Smart Station is always web connected to be able to guarantee all users the use of free connectivity (restrictions set by the admin) and to give access to those who manage the bench to change parameters and settings at any time. In addition to the 4G network, Ethernet and optic fiber connections are available.