Etneo today, Industry 4.0

The current decade is experiencing an industrial change that requires new rules and methodologies. Factories that make the machines talk to people and products between them. Systems manufacturing networked, exploiting the cloud and artificial intelligence to create a single production process. Etneo, with its products, and partner skills is an Actor of the revolution called Industry 4.0.

The products and processes of micro soldering, historical core business of the Company, are now widely used in all applications where there are electrical connections to perform. Sectors such as Automotive and Electrical Industry have seen an increasing use of our automated soldering robot.  Our parts and subparts, soldering stations, iron units, feeder etc. are used by integrators who build up complex lines for the customers, and by the manufacturers of different types of robots, anthropomorphic, Scara, gantry, desktop etc.

Etneo keep on offering traditional systems for soldering and assembly for all those sectors where the contact is required between solders and components (wiring, transformer, electronic components) and continues to manufacture systems for components rework.

Renewable Energy products haved a much broader range of applications. Street lights hybrid installations that use solar energy and wind turbines managing storage in batteries at reserves of natural parks, installations at schools for educational purposes and many others. The professional staff and the high quality have enabled us to remain active in a changing market.

All this happens today. The company is situated in a Scientific and Technology Park of Novara, north Italian city between Turin and Milan, close the Malpensa airport. The building, designed by architect Renzo Piano in the 80s’, comprises a well know Scientific University and several private Industries and Labs which all interacts.

Etneo yesterday, the story…

The history of Etneo made us what we are today: below a few words in view of the centenary to be held in 2019.

Since its foundation, in 1919, Etneo has built and developed electrical heaters and finished products for the electrical market.

In the 80s’ began to design and produce more technological and avanced equipments, expanding customer base, like th ones working in the Microelectronic assembly.

In the 2000’s stands in the Italian and European market, thanks to investments and R&D done with the aim to develop complete solutions for its customers. The internal division, linked to the soldering robot and the line automations, grows significantly.

In 2005 Etneo begins to “Follow the Leaf” becoming active supplier in the field of renewable energy, with the partners taking part in the production of machines for the assembly and control of solar panels, managing installations of photovoltaic systems of small, medium and large size.

In the following 10 years Etneo consolidates Energy Division with turnkey kit of wind power and storage and strengthens the Robotics Division with designing robots and new systems with green and eco-friendly idea improving the “Follow the Leaf” path.


  • Hot air systems
  • De-soldering special tools
  • Soldering Robot software
  • Soldering tip cartridge
  • Innovative wind turbines
  • IEC 61400-2 wind certifications
  • Energy storage solutions with CEI021 compliance

Some words about us

Zero Defects
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Automotive customer
High production capacity
Renewable energy installer
Ezio Drappo
Ezio DrappoPresident
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Alessandro DrappoEnergy Manager
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